Setup the Webhook URL is mandatory to get the final status of every API call

After the completion of every payment/refund call, AeronPay will provide direct notification to your server regarding the event. These are called Webhooks. You must configure a valid HTTPS endpoint that is reachable from our servers to consume these notifications. Our servers will push data using an HTTPS POST call to your endpoint.

Based on the API version configured in the dashboard, webhooks will be triggered for the events below.

Event StatusStatus CodeEvent Message
⦿ SUCCESS200Transaction Successful
⦿ FAILED400Transaction Failed
⦿ REJECTED450Transaction Rejected

Sample Webhook Response of SUCCESS

   "description":"Transaction Successful"

Sample Webhook Response of FAILED

   "description":"Transaction Failed"

Sample Webhook Response of REJECTED

   "description":"Transaction Rejected"

Webhook Authentication

We support Basic HTTP Authentication for your Webhook URL. Using Username and password fields to authenticate the webhook call is mandatory. Please ensure that special characters like @ are not used in usernames.

Handling Failures

If your server is not reachable and we receive a non-200 response when we are attempting webhook notification, we would mark the webhook notified section in our dashboard as False. Hence, consume webhooks with 200 response codes.

Note: Webhook API version can be configured in the dashboard > Settings > Webhooks Tab > Webhook API version.